Gemma Koontz


Mendon, UT

January 28, 2014



Bunny, the stuffed rabbit



Cultural Artifact



I am a twenty-one year old woman. I grew up in a military family and moved often. I now live in Mendon, Utah and attend Utah State University where I am working towards a BS in History with minors in Equine, Agribusiness Management, and Folklore along with a certificate in Museum Studies. I enjoy reading, doing geek related things, and spending time with my eleven pets.



As a way to introduce ourselves to the class we brought a cultural artifact to share. I brought Bunny.


Bunny is a green stuffed rabbit. I got him shortly after we moved to Germany when I was seven. I choose him because I loved/love rabbits, but was unable to have a real one when I was younger. Bunny and I did everything and went everywhere together. The only time we were apart was while I was school and when he had to get washed. Bunny is very well traveled and well read. He was my best friend and constant in a world of perpetual change. While I had few real friends, Bunny was my always there. He helped me through many hard times and wiped away many a tear. Everyone in my family had some sort of relationship with him so much so that he was a member of the family.



I told the class how much Bunny meant to me by speaking of him as though he was real which he was when I was growing up and still is now. When I speak of Bunny I am usually happy, but sometimes he brings memories to the surface that I would rather forget.


Bunny was my best friend and helped me through so much. He was and still is a member of the family. He is always there for me and understands my fears and knows my sorrows and happiness. Bunny is the Hobbes to my Calvin.











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